THE NEED. We need your support to continue to provide the best programs and services we can for:

  • Nearly 2,000 residents and the programs that address food security, healthy living, life skills, and peer support and so much more which help people stay healthy and housed.
  • 26 buildings.
  • And 3 Prop HHH buildings currently in construction.


"I have a blanket that I sleep with. So I might fall asleep for a couple of hours and then I'll be up. I think it's anxiety. Having to make sure people aren't trying to harm me or anything."  For the past three years, Tanisha has slept in her car. Now, she's getting the keys to a safe, dignified place to call home!


"This is actually my first home. I never had anybody in my corner since my mother died."  Christina spent years on the streets struggling with addiction. Today, she's been home at the Trust for 6 weeks and is ready to live! 


"There's pride in knowing you're housed...there's an indescribable feeling in that." 

A debilitating illness led to Cory's homelessness. With his service dog at his side, finding housing that would accept his furry companion was challenging, so he slept in an RV with friends for three years. Then, he came to Skid Row Housing Trust.

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